What is it?

ServeNC is an opportunity for every NC Baptist church to love its community in Jesus’ name through service projects. Whether it’s painting a school, cleaning up a yard or serving meals to those in need, your church knows your community’s specific needs and can choose the best project to make a difference through ServeNC. Click here to learn more.

Where are we meeting and what are we doing?

You and/or your small group or ministry discuss what you will do, when, and where you will do it during the week of August 3–10. Your small group (Life Group, Ministry within The Village) will pick a project to do on a day and time you choose during the week. Once you pick a project, please fill out the form below!

How do i get involved?

This is an effort driven through small groups and ministries within The Village. If you are not connected to a Life Group or ministry, we would love to get you plugged into one.

You can connect with Pastor Kevin Duffy at kevin@villagebc.church or click here to find a group!