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The young adult ministry at The Village exists to train college students and singles 18-30 to live a life on mission for the advance of the Gospel. We train disciples to be like Jesus through the study of scripture, a community of believers, and opportunities for passionate obedience to the Word of God. Through a dynamic Life Group experience, evangelism & apologetics training, regular opportunities to share your faith, special events like the Passion Conference, and a tight-knit community, you will be equipped to engage the culture and change the world.

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The College/Young Adults Life Group meets Sunday mornings at 11:00am
in the conference room on our McPherson Campus.


Mondays 7:00 pm

Conference Room
McPherson Campus

High School & College students

Do you know why Christianity is true? Are you able to make a case for faith - for yourself and to the world around you? 75% of Christian students will walk away from their faith within two years of entering college. Living Out Acts (LOA) is working to change that! LOA isn't just teaching facts; LOA trains high school and college students to stand firm in their faith and impact the world around them. LOA tackles difficult topics like race, sexuality, science in addition to the existence of God, the resurrection of Jesus, the reliability of the Bible, and competing worldviews.

This group helps establish apologetics training in other churches and on other campuses, attends apologetics conferences, and assists in apologetics training on missions trips to other countries. You are invited to join us living on mission with confidence. 


Tuesday 6:30- 8:30pm

Conference Room
McPherson Campus

High School & College students

Street Level Apologetics (SLA) trains students to interact with the world and share their faith in the context of objection, based on what they've learned in Living Out Acts. SLA looks for opportunities to share the Gospel, pray for people, and encourage others. 


Intersected young adult Bible studies meet weekly to glorify God as they fellowship together and study His Word.


Sundays | 4:00 pm
McPherson Campus


Wednesdays | 6:30 pm
McPherson Campus

Pastor Kevin Duffy
Pastor of College Students, Singles, & Missions
VCA Campus Pastor
Kevin is passionate about apologetics training and equipping young people with the knowledge and practice to stand up for their beliefs in an unbelieving world.

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