This is where our church does LIFE on LIFE together. 

Life Groups are small groups of people who do life together! Studying, learning, and knowing the Word of God requires involvement, interaction, and application. A Life Group offers involvement with others and application to life’s daily challenges.

No matter what stage of life you and your family are in, there is a place for you and a community waiting to connect with you!

We offer Life Groups on Sundays at 8:15 AM, 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM at our McPherson Campus. We also offer in-home Life Groups on Tuesday at 6:30 PM and Wednesday at 6:30 PM.

Join a life group today!


What do you study?
Most Life Groups are involved in a Bible Study through Explore The Bible by LifeWay. Our Students, Village Kids, and Village Kids Jr. are going through The Gospel Project designed to meet their specific needs.

How long does a Life Group last?
From start to finish it’s about an hour, which includes time for prayer requests, announcements, and the remaining for study time and fellowship.

What do I do with my kids?
They also have Life Group too! Kids aged nursery to 5th grade enjoy Life Groups designed for their specific needs at 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM. Our Village Students (6th to 12th grade) have Life Groups at 9:30 AM.

Do husbands and wives go to class together?
At The Village we have co-ed Life Groups for married and single adults. Additionally we have Men’s and Women’s Bible studies that meet throughout the week. Whatever your preference, there’s something available for you!

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