[Part 1] This weekend, Pastor Richard is starting a series of messages called Setback to Comeback which will be looking at how Jesus personalized the news of His resurrection for one of His followers who had denied Him. Even in the midst of Peter’s setback, God was prepping him for a comeback. No matter where you are in your faith journey, God has a plan and a purpose for you. [Part 2] This weekend, we are continuing in this series of messages and will be looking at the temptations in our lives that typically lead us to setbacks. I want you to be able to identify these patterns in your own life, and avoid unnecessary pain. [Part 3] This week, we will see how God uses discipline to help prepare us for our comeback. Sometimes that discipline is training before we enter the race, and other times, it is coaching along the way. Whether you are in a setback, beginning a comeback, or are celebrating your recent comeback, this weekend's message is for you. [Part 4] We hope you will join us this Sunday, May 19 as we continue in our series Set Back to Come Back. Have you ever had a setback in your life? Do you need a comeback? The Bible is full of people who fail spectacularly, but God does not remember their failure, but they known for their comeback. It is our hope that Sunday's message will prepare you for an amazing future.

Sermons in This Series