Local, National, & International Missions

The Vision of The Village Baptist Church is that we would intersect the Peace of Christ with the restlessness of our community. We do that in our local community, across the nation, and around the world in a variety of ways. We encourage you to have a mission outside the walls of our church building. We can help you do that!

Pastor Kevin Duffy



The Village Baptist Church is committed to helping you find your one MINISTRY INSIDE the church and your one MISSION OUTSIDE the church. Members of The Village who would like to serve in a mission overseas are eligible for help through our VOLUNTEER IN MISSIONS (VIM) fund. Mission team members (who are members at The Village) can receive support up to 50% of their trip. This number is highly dependent on available funds in VIM.

If you would like to support members of The Village in overseas missions:

  • You can do so by way of a check to "The Village Baptist Church" and note on the memo line "VIM"
  • You can give by clicking the button below. Use PUSHPAY and select "Designated Giving." Choose the Giving Type "Volunteer Missions."