Toby Travis
VCA Superintendent

Toby Travis

Over the past thirty years, Dr. Travis has had the privilege of working in senior leadership roles with several international ministries and schools. As a consultant, trainer, mentor, and presenter, he has assisted schools and universities throughout the USA and in over twenty other countries. It is his endeavor to inspire and to develop trusted school leadership (both in the classroom and the administrative office) through research-based strategies, grounded in a Biblical worldview.

Dr. Travis is the author of “The TrustED School Leader”, co-author of "Unmasking the Masquerade", and the creator and developer of the “TrustED School Leader 360” assessment. Each year he contributes a portion of his time to support other Christian school leaders and educators - especially those serving in developing countries of the world (e.g., Haiti, the Dominican Republic).

Toby and his wife, Tannia, served as missionaries in Ecuador for many years. Today, their shared passion for discipling young people continues through their ministry here at The Village Christian Academy.

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